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Artistically trained at the Escola Massana, I decided at the age of seventeen that photography should be my means of expression.

I combine camera work with laboratory work to see if I can get the most out of it. With the cameras, I practice any kind of filters that allow a better  interpretation of my perception of the subject to be photographed and, from the laboratory, I experience the best way to manipulate the paper.

The creative limitations are obvious to me to the point where I study the old creative techniques: bromolias and bichromated gums. In this way, and  first of all as an experiment, I also introduce Cibachrome (later Ilfochrome) to Spain, which will make me, given the success, dedicate myself  professionally to it with a laboratory and study open to the public.

All this simultaneously with photographic reports. Notable is the first report on Israel-Palestine in 1973 between the wars, with about 500 photos.  Later,  in 1982, I made the first inventory of the officially declared monuments of the Generalitat de Catalunya. In between, the usual works of  posters,   calendars, postcards, newspapers, etc.

My anxiety about achieving an impeccable reproduction on photographic paper, leads me to teach at various schools, including the Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia, the Nikon School, and smaller ones. In fact, this anxiety has given me that I am now fully devoted to the faithful reproduction of very valuable old documents.

With the advent of digital photography, I regained my creative spirit and finished the work of many of my photos that had previously been conceived for this artistic purpose.

That is why I am pleased to present these works to you now. I hope you like it.

Albert Aymà Aubeyzon
Barcelona, November 1, 2021